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It is time to send our kids back to school.   They have new notebooks and backpacks.  Now we have to figure out how to make them comfortable in their dorm room.   We want them to have the luxury
We as parents want to provide our children with the best life possible.  We would love to give each one of our kids their own room and personal space.  Sometimes, we can not do that.  Not everyone has a large
Hello All!  You seem to really love it when I give you design ideas for various rooms in your home.  I decided this week to provide you with some home office ideas.  Many people work from home these days, and
Every year my mother would throw a big 4th. of July party.  It was always a lot of fun for me because it meant lots of friends and family would be there and lots of good food.  Believe it or
In last week's article, I mentioned how I have a preference for country and rustic kitchen designs.  My husband, on the other hand, loves modern and contemporary designs.  As you can image, we disagree a lot when it comes to
The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It is where the entire family will probably spend most of their time together.  I know my family spends a lot of time in the kitchen talking, cooking, and just enjoying each
If your bedroom is feeling a little dreary, then consider a quick makeover.  Ten minutes is all you need to add new life to your space.  Here are some suggestions from our design pros. New Accent Pillows Always start a
Many people struggle with how to accessorize a room.  How to get the look they saw in a magazine or online.  For me, this is my favorite part of decorating. (more…)
I love to go out and look at new homes on the market.  It gives me design ideas and keeps me up to date on what's new. (more…)
Hello all!  Well I am excited about this week's article.  I am visiting my favorite cousin for her baby shower, and she gave me the idea to provide nursery design ideas.   (more…)
It is that time of year again.  We weed and feed the grass, till the flower beds, and prepare our favorite flower pots. But wait, we feel the need for something different this year.   (more…)
When you think of Spring, you think of cleaning and organizing.  The garage is usually a top priority, but it is a space we fear the most.  It is one of the hardest spaces to organize (more…)

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