What Is Natural?

A healthy body, beautiful home, and good food are important to all of us.  This blog has focused on these things by providing advice, recipes, and product options that fulfill those needs.  I will continue to do my best to provide my followers and newbies with the best options I can in each category.  We have access to many beautiful and unique home decor items which will be offered in my online store.  Sometimes there will be items that are limited in number and only available for a short time period.  Coming this spring the natural product line L’EWA is coming.  L’EWA is a line of hair care products as well as some bath and body products.  Most products in this line contain all natural preservatives like Japanese Honeysuckle, and the combination of Oregano, Rosemary, and Thyme extracts, which have proven to be an effective natural preservative system.  You will find that product lines like 100% Pure and Suzanne Somers use these natural preservative systems as well.  I have used the L’EWA products myself for quite a while now and am pleased with it.  L’EWA is a Yoruba word and it means a pure, natural beauty.  The most beautiful of anything you will ever see.

I created this product line literally in my kitchen in 2009.  I started with body butters and body and bath oils, and progressed to lotions and face creams.  Then I began making hair treatment products.  I would make these things for myself.  I would share what I made with my family and friends.  Then someone would ask me to make something else for them because they loved what I gave them.  It grew from there and I began selling my products.  Now It will be available to all via the online store.  This was a hobby I did to relax myself, along with crafting and decorating.  It was never meant to be for anyone else except me and my family.  But coming this spring you will get to enjoy the results of a hobby.

I have also used African Black Soap for years.  You can find black soap in the online store in the bath and body section.  The black soap I carry is made in Nigeria and comes directly to me from Nigeria.  This is true of the shea butter I use as well.  I do not use a supplier for this soap.  I get it directly from its homeland.  You see, my husband was born and raised in Nigeria.  I have spent time there myself.  I am able to have relationships with people who are wonderful at their craft.  Whether that be sewing native clothing right before your eyes, making shea butter, or making black soap.  I feel very lucky in this way.  I utilize my connections so that I can make sure I know where they come from.   That is what I provide to you.  That is what natural means to me.  It is not a word you put on a bottle and sell to people.  Natural describes where something comes from, how it is made, and how it is untainted by toxins and chemicals. as much as possible.

Some of you may ask how can you talk about decorating and natural body care.  Easy, there is not one person on this earth that is one-dimensional.  We are all bad at many things, and good at a few things.  I love to decorate and I love to make my own products. They both make me happy.  That is why I am sharing both with you.  But my main goal is to touch as many lives as possible.

I have seen viewers follow me since the first week my blog launched.   I have people following me in Brazil, and the US.  I have had visitors to my site from Germany and North East Africa as well.  I look forward to reaching many more with great design ideas.  I just hope you enjoy my beauty products as well.

Again I want to say thank you for visiting me and I appreciate all of you.!


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