Closet Organization Update

Two weeks ago I told you I would be working on two of my closets because they were in chaos.  It took longer than I thought it would because there was a lot of purging that had to be done.  Not to mention the holidays were upon us.  I have completed one closet so far and here is how it looks



Organizing and cleaning is not just taking things from one place and moving them to another only to make a new mess.  You must take the time to purge what you no longer need.  Clean the space to freshen it up.  In this closet, I added shelf liners which I did not have before.  I already had the baskets so I was able to categorize some things and place them in the baskets.  One basket contains sheets and small blankets, the other basket contains miscellaneous bedding accessories.  The basket on the top shelf contains a portable humidifier.  Our home gets dry in the winter and this can provide comfort for guests when needed.  The shelves on the side are all lined and contain a few towels.  The remaining shelves are empty for guests to use if needed.  The side shelf was difficult to get a picture of due to the angle, but you get the point.  When you open the door now, it is clean, organized, and inviting.

I will show pictures of the bedroom that this closet is in for a future post.  I hope this closet organization inspires you and gives you some ideas.

Bye For Now!

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