Air Fryer Fish

 Hi everyone.  I fried fish in my air fryer for my family the other day and my husband told me to show you all in my next post how I did it.  So here it is.  I just wanted to quickly show you that you can have the flavor of good old-fashioned fried fish without cooking it in a lot of grease.

The way I prepare my fish after washing and cutting:

  1.  Season the fish with your favorite seasonings.

  2. Mix 3 parts yellow cornmeal to 1 part flour in a bowl, and lightly add a few spices of your choice to this cornmeal/flour mix..

  3. Take the seasoned fish and dip it in the bowl of cornmeal to coat it completely on all sides.

  4. Then place the fish in the air fryer.  Once you have your coated fish in the air fryer.  Lightly mist on all sides with oil.  (I used olive oil)

  5. It took about 15 minutes to cook in my air fryer.  Your cook time might be slightly different based on your air fryer.

Voila!  You have flavorful fried fish.  Enjoy!

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